Psalms decorativeUnless the Lord builds the house,     
those who build it labor in vain.
Psalm 127:1 ESV

Not only the energy, the talents, and the time, to pursue our goals, are from God, but also (and this is perhaps the greatest challenge to our pride) the outcomes too, are entirely in His hands. Timothy Keller commented on Psalm 127 …

“REST. Prosperity and security are not ultimately your accomplishments but God’s gifts (127:1). So too thriving, happy children are God’s doing (127:3-5). ‘Helicopter’ parenting and over involvement in our children’s lives, cannot ensure their health and happiness. Unless the Lord enters their lives, all our watching is in vain. Giving our children to God is the only way we get to keep them.

“If you know that the one who loves you unfailingly is in complete charge of history, you will be able to sleep well (127:2). And if you are overworked and overstressed, you are forgetting who God is. Jesus said it most bluntly: ‘Apart from me you can do nothing.’ (John 15:5).”

Prayer: Lord, admitting my accomplishments are your gift is a bittersweet thing to do. It stings at first because it humbles. But then it is so very sweet and brings such peace. It is not up to me, and it never was. Let me work hard, with this liberating insight removing the pressure I sinfully put on myself. Amen.”

From Timothy Keller in My Rock, My Refuge.

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