Another fine mess?

King David Art

Our help is in the name of the Lord,     
who made heaven and earth.
Psalm 124:8 ESV

As a preschooler, my curiosity (I can’t bring myself to say my stupidity) led to me finding myself with my head caught between the bars of our garden gate. I had gotten myself into this mess but could not get myself out. My father laughed but from where he stood he could see the way out and (gently enough) extricated me from my mess. Dr. G. Campbell Morgan comments on Psalm124:8…

“To those who know what it is truly to wait upon God with dependence, obedience, and response, there are constant occasions for the use of such a song as this. To look back over life’s way is to realize how constantly we have been brought into circumstances which must have engulfed and destroyed us, had it not been that Jehovah was on our side. Seeing that He has been on our side, the story of life has been one continuous story of His deliverances and of our escapes from perilous positions. Indeed, these words tell all the truth about our deliverances and escapes.

“We have often involved ourselves in entanglements, through our own disobedience; but we have never been able to extricate ourselves from them. Escape has always come by His action. “Our help is in the name of the LORD,” and in none other. Let us never fail to remember this; and to give to God the glory due to His Name, in our praises.”

From Dr. G. Campbell Morgan in Searchlights From the Word

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