‘…the voice of my weeping…’ (3)

Jesus wept.

Of course, his Father heard ‘the voice of his weeping’ there in Bethany when Jesus shared grief mixed with anger at the death of Lazarus, his friend.

He shared the grief of Lazarus’s sisters, Mary and Martha; he was angry at death and at ‘him who holds the power of death-that is, the devil’.

Weeping is not necessarily a weakness in a king; but what does his weeping say?

  • Jesus’ tears were a mark of both his humanity and the love of God for us; just a shadow really of the deeper grief and the death that he would later experience for us on the cross, as ‘THE KING OF THE JEWS’.
  • David wept with frustration at being surrounded by evil, and at his own sin, and with fear in case his LORD would rebuke him in anger or discipline him in wrath. Comfort came from knowing that his LORD heard his weeping and his cries for mercy; for himself and for his people. David learned his limitations as a king the hard way.

A man after God’s own heart, but still just a man, with a man’s strengths and weaknesses and a man’s sin to live with every day of his life.

How awful can be the pressure we put on our heroes, the weight of our expectations on our leaders.

I love to think of David now, in his Father’s Kingdom, at home with his LORD, freed from all that; I like to think that he has seen the proper fulfillment of Kingship in Jesus and is rejoicing in Him as his King.

I doubt that there is any place in heaven for regret over our failures;I am sure that there is a place for praise at the perfection of Christ.

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